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Jawbone UP24

Jawbone Up: Fitness Wearable & Fitness Tracker

It's so apt that it's tagline is Motivation You Can Wear! I have been using Jawbone Up24 Fitness Tracker for months now and I love it! It was gift to me from my husband. My husband usually gives me gifts for special occasions and he would normally give me bags and other girly stuff. When I opened this … [Read More...]


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Christmas Dinner with OBEMers_001

A Cohen Diet Testimonial from Vada

Anything is possible. I've seen it come true. Today, i'm sharing with you this Cohen Diet Testimonial from a close family friend, Vada De Villa Rodriguez. She went under a program of Cohen … [Read More...]

Sleeveless Shirts: Why Not?

Growing up, I was a chubby (ehem… ehem..), I mean a fat kid. I used to feel ashamed of myself. I never built the confidence that the other kids in class would have. Although, I was always top of my … [Read More...]


Eats Right Logo_Final

The Eats Right Motivational Meet-ups

I'm so excited for this! We got a comment recently from one of the readers of this site asking if we have a group that she can join. Well, well, well... YES! We actually do. We launched this group … [Read More...]

The Girl Effect Factsheet

The Girl Effect

I was surfing the net and came across this video about the Girl Effect, which was posted by a friend. I was moved and shocked at the number of girls in the hundreds of millions who are encountering … [Read More...]

Fitness Goals for 2013

The year is about to end. It was a great year for Manila Fitness. It was also a great year for me in terms of achieving fitness goals. This year, I was able to break my weight of 140 pounds. I … [Read More...]