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5 Water Workouts To Help You Get Fit!

I love aqua aerobics – just ask any of my friends. I started after a knee injury while running, and my doctor recommended I give it a rest. One of the men in my running group suggested I try aqua aerobics. Water workouts are now a standard part of my exercise routine. So what is aqua aerobics? Since I … [Read More...]


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Yummy Diet

Yummy Diet PH (Final Review)

I'm sure all of you are excited to know what my final verdict for Yummy Diet is, so here goes my assessment:     FOOD - I chose the 1200 no carb diet and the meals were great. … [Read More...]

Yummy Diet PH 2

Yummy Diet PH Review (Part 2)

One of my first steps towards fitness is altering some things in my diet. I started ordering from Yummy Diet. Going on a healthy diet is s hard to do especially if you're busy. Thinking of the menu … [Read More...]

Yummy Diet PH Container

Yummy Diet PH Review (Part 1)

For the past month, I've been sticking to our grocery budget. But the thing about sticking to it is that I have been sacrificing nutrition. Healthy food is so expensive. It's a good thing that I … [Read More...]


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The Eats Right Motivational Meet-ups

I'm so excited for this! We got a comment recently from one of the readers of this site asking if we have a group that she can join. Well, well, well... YES! We actually do. We launched this group … [Read More...]

The Girl Effect Factsheet

The Girl Effect

I was surfing the net and came across this video about the Girl Effect, which was posted by a friend. I was moved and shocked at the number of girls in the hundreds of millions who are encountering … [Read More...]

Fitness Goals for 2013

The year is about to end. It was a great year for Manila Fitness. It was also a great year for me in terms of achieving fitness goals. This year, I was able to break my weight of 140 pounds. I … [Read More...]