The Flow Yoga Center

I didn’t know there was a Yoga School here in Quezon City. I just found out about this when I saw the ad of Flow Yoga on the sidebar as I was waiting for my dishes to cook in Cafe World.

This is great news since a lot of the good yoga schools are in either Makati, Alabang or Ortigas.

So QC peeps, these are the classes that they offer. I got this from their site:

Classes offered

Hot Flow Yoga

Duration: 75 minutes
Hot Flow Yoga is similar to Bikram yoga and involves a series of yoga poses and breathing exercises done in a heated room. Doing yoga in a heated room promotes profuse sweating which is great for detoxification. It also keeps the body very warm and, therefore, more flexible. Make sure to drink lots of water days and hours before your class, and right after as well.

Gentle Flow Yoga
Duration: 75 minutes
Gentle Flow Yoga is a form of classical hatha yoga that is done at a slower pace. It is very relaxing and invigorating, and is suitable for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. It also assists with stress and weight management.

Power Flow Yoga
Duration: 75 minutes
Power Flow Yoga is based on the flowing style of Ashtanga yoga, but involves different yoga poses. It is an intense class where you perform a set of yoga poses in the same order continuously, and at a fast pace. Power Flow yoga is physically demanding and requires you to move constantly from one pose to the next. Focusing on strength and flexibility, power yoga is an excellent exercise regimen, providing you with a vigorous workout as well as relaxing meditation practice.

Body Flow Yoga
Duration: 75 minutes
Body Flow is a combined workout of Yoga + Tai Chi + Pilates. It develops flexibility, strength and balance, and leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. Body flow yoga combines breathing and meditation exercises with a structured series of yoga poses and stretching regimen. Performed with revitalizing music, it is a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and calm.

I think I will like the Power Flow Yoga. For the Body Flow Yoga, I haven’t encountered anything like that class before. I think trying that one out will be a new experience.

Flow Yoga Center Schedule


Trial Class (one week unlimited): Php 800 per session
First month (unlimited): Php 2,700 (if contiued after one week trial)

Class Pass Program:
5-classes pass (consumed within one month): Php 2,500
10-classes pass (consumed within 2 months): Php 4, 500
20-classes pass (consumed within 4 months): Php 8,000
30-classes pass (consumed within 6 months): Php 10,500

Unlimited Monthly Program
One Month : Php 4,000
Three Months : Php 11,400 (savings of 5%)
Six Months : Php 21, 600 (savings of 5%)
One Year : Php 40,800 (savings of 10%)

Per session is at Php 600 per class

Contact details:
For more information, click here to go to their website.
Flow Yoga Center
2/F Royale Place Don Antonio Drive
Commonwealth, Quezon City (in front of Ever Gotesco)
Tel: 352-1183
Mobile: 0917-5607123

Studio Hours

Mondays-Fridays 6:00am-11:00am; 5:00pm-10:00pm
Saturdays 8:00am-1:00am; 2:00pm-5:00pm
Sundays Closed


  1. says

    Hi ginger. Thanka for posting this on the blog. We’re slowly growing our yogini network in the quezon city area and it’s very gratifying on our part to help spread the joys and benefits that yoga has to offer.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. vannie says

    Hello!.. Thanks for this informative post, Ginger. Yoga is really interesting. I think I’ll drop by some other time since it’s not far from my house. Thanks again for sharing it!


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