Lipo-sculpt Cavitation: Nonsurgical way to Lose Inches

As I am constantly looking for ways to help women look good and feel good about themselves, I jumped at this opportunity to review a method of losing inches without any surgery. It’s called Lipo-sculpt cavitation. Although it has been in existence for almost two years now, not a lot of people know about it nor have the guts to try it. I guess, for the risk taker, this is too “conservative” as liposuction would have more noticeable immediate results. And for the people who avoid taking the “untested” path, this concept of liposculpt cavitation seems so technical and deep.

I would say that I am one of those caught in between these two mindsets. I would try something like Liposculpt cavitation, but would not try liposuction (i’m too scared).
Liposculpt Cavitation Dra. Batac Clinic

It was 1:00 pm, a Saturday, when I got to the doctor’s clinic. I had to fill up a form, as I had no records in her clinic. The secretary was very pleasant. I asked her about the cavitation procedure, and she said that some of the patients, on their fourth visit had a very noticeable change already. With that statement, I was excited to try this out.

Liposculpt Cavitation Waiting for my Turn!

Waiting for my Turn!

Finally, at 2:00 pm, the doctor called me in. She explained the procedure, and she was very thorough in explaining what Liposculpt Cavitation was. This is a non-surgical treatment where a machine, which is used to massage the chosen area, emits pulsating or continuous ultrasound waves. The machine is rotated and pushed against the skin (in my case, I chose my tummy area). The ultrasound waves target the stored fats/subcutaneous fats (under the skin) and causes them to burst. After the fat cells are broken down, they are eliminated out of the body through the lymphatic system. Your body will then remove the fat cells naturally out of your body.

While she was explaining, her assistant was drawing lines in my body and measuring me at the same time. The lines are to avoid hitting the bones in the ribcage area and the spinal cord. I was asked then to lie down, and the device was then rubbed against my tummy.
Liposculpt Cavitation procedure
Now, how did it feel. You will hear “laser beam” like sounds and the funny thing was, you are the only one who will hear it. No one else in the room will! It was pretty cool and weird at the same time. These were high pitched sounds. Dra. Batac said these where the sounds made when the waves hit the cells.
Liposculpt Cavitation procedure 2
Also, the device that touches your skin was a bit warm. The temperature was not distracting. After I was done, the doctor told me to hug my legs, to flush out the fats move it to the lymphatic system.
Liposculpt Cavitation Procedure 3

A normal procedure lasts 40 minutes at the most. The doctor advices to take the treatment just 1x a week. I read though that 2x a week is also safe, but she wants to stay on the safe side. There hasn’t been any conclusive studies yet, but no side effects are reported. In my case, I didn’t experience any side effect. I didn’t feel nauseous or anything like that. The doctor though stressed that a trained doctor or nurse should do this treatment, because there is a certain frequency of the waves that can be used so as not to be harmful to humans.

A treatment ranges from as low as Php 1000 – 3,000 per area per session. She also advices that the maximum number of parts per session would be one central (meaning the tummy area or back) and one peripheral (either the legs or arms or thighs). It cannot be all of these areas.

So what were the results? After 20 minutes of rubbing on the tummy area, I lost a total of 2-4 cm! I don’t know if this amazing for you, but I guess it was pretty impressive for me.

If you want to try Liposculpt Cavitation treatment (yes, it’s available in the Philippines), there are a lot of clinics offering this service. I have seen a couple in some daily deals sites.


  1. Michael says

    -iposculpt Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency Home Service is also available at “Let’s Tone It Spa”, 209 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque MM. Phone Number is -02 359-6713 or 02 856-5150. Their Staff is very knowledgable and friendly. They have all types of aromatherapy massages as well. I know they cover the areas of Alabang, Las Pinas, Paranaque, BF Homes and Better Living. Promo Price for 40 minute session is only P599 per area for both Cavitation and Radio Frequency.

  2. says

    Liposculpt is among the top options in order remove topical fat the non invasive way! No incisions are involved and pretty mild side effects are noticed in the post! I am a huge fan of this method and it does deliver great results if you ask me!

  3. Jessica Benitez says

    I have a question the first time I went I lost 1 in on my legs. But yesterday was my second time going and I went up again an Gain back 1in and lost it again why is that happening when will I start loosing

    • dare Devil says

      fat tissues tend to grow back even with the normal liposuction. lipo-cav may tend to have immediate results but bear in mind that discipline must be observed to attain goal. as cliche as it goes, maintain proper diet and do excercise to combat fats from growing back.


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