Nestle Fitness or the Kellogg’s Special K Diet

We are looking for the perfect diet — “perfect” being the diet that will make us lose the most amount of weight in that shortest span of time. So far, I have not been successful in achieving this goal. I even tried to join a mini-challenge with my friends where we created our own “biggest loser localized office edition”. It has been a month now and I don’t think there have been any changes in my body. LOL!

Oh, but this weekend, I vowed to be more active and to watch the food I eat. I already enrolled in yoga classes, which I actually love doing. I had been practicing since 2008, but stopped because of health problems. This year, the doctor advised me that I can resume doing these physical activities. Now, I want to push myself beyond what I can do, and try to be better at this. I also enrolled to take classes in Plana Forma Philippines. This is to achieve muscle endurance and strength.

Starting yesterday, too, I decided to take the Special K or the Nestle Fitness Challenge. The two brands actually have come up with the same rules. To eat cereal with low fat milk for two meals, and have one balanced meal.

Special K00003

Special K Cereals

Special K back panel
For Special K (, this is how they advise people to go about the diet:
Have breakfast with any Special K® Cereal, 2/3 cup skim milk and your choice of fruit. You can also replace this with Protein Shake or Protein Meal Bar. If your opt
to have the Special K™ Low Fat Granola Cereal, choose either 2/3 cup of skim milk or fruit.

Lunch can be eating one of these yummy options:
Serving of cereal
Protein Meal Bar
Protein Shake

For dinner, you can have any type of meal, just be sure that your meal is balanced.

*** Remember, you can make this meal either during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Look in the Tips and Tools section on for third meal ideas.


Enjoy two great-tasting Special K™ snacks every day (and at any time)!

Protein Snack Bars
Fruit Crisps
Crackers or Cracker Chips
Protein Water Mixes
Enjoy fruits & veggies as additional snacks.
Drink beverages as you normally do.

For the Nestle Fitness ( 14 day challenge, what you need to do is to take the cereals for breakfast and dinner. Take it with low fat or non-fat milk.

Well, let’s just see how this goes. I hope that this will help me shed off pounds or make my jeans loose. :)

Did you try this diet already? Any comments about this? What were the effects?


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