Flow Yoga Manila Experience

I’ve been trying out different gyms, yoga and fitness centers offering various fitness activities ever since early this year. Last year, I wanted to try out this place called Flow Yoga, which was a yoga center near our place in Quezon City. Finally, after getting into the fitness grove again, I got to try out Flow Yoga Manila.

My husband and I were excited to try out the Gentle Flow class of Pearl, one of the teachers. She is also the owner of Flow Yoga. After talking to her, we learned that she had her teacher’s training for yoga in the States. She told us that she had 4 other instructors, who are really experienced and well-trained, as well.

Flow Yoga's Pearl and Manila Fitness' Ginger

Flow Yoga's Pearl and Manila Fitness' Ginger

After signing up, I went inside the locker room area (which I think was a common area for both men and women). There was one bathroom that you can use for changing. They also had showers, but I think they just had two or three, if I’m not mistaken. My husband just gave me his things so that I could keep them.

If you have a yoga mat and towel at home, do bring it. If you don’t, the center has yoga mats that you can borrow. They also sell some yoga items, like yoga outfits, etc.

We then went to the room where we would have the class. The room was pretty huge. It can accommodate around 20 people at most. It was the room that was used for all the classes. During that time, there were around 10 students in the yoga class that we were attending.

The popular classes that Flow Yoga Manila are offering are the following:

Hot Flow Yoga
Duration: 75 minutes
Hot Flow Yoga is similar to Bikram yoga and involves a series of yoga poses and breathing exercises done in a heated room. Doing yoga in a heated room promotes profuse sweating which is great for detoxification. It also keeps the body very warm and, therefore, more flexible. Make sure to drink lots of water days and hours before your class, and right after as well.

Gentle Flow Yoga
Duration: 75 minutes
Gentle Flow Yoga is a form of classical hatha yoga that is done at a slower pace. It is very relaxing and invigorating, and is suitable for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. It also assists with stress and weight management.

Dynamic Flow Yoga
Duration: 75 minutes
Dynamic Flow Yoga is based on the flowing style of Ashtanga yoga, but involves different yoga poses. It is an intense class where you perform a set of yoga poses in the same order continuously, and at a fast pace. Dynamic Flow yoga is physically demanding and requires you to move constantly from one pose to the next. Focusing on strength and flexibility, power yoga is an excellent exercise regimen, providing you with a vigorous workout as well as relaxing meditation practice.

Body Flow Yoga
Duration: 75 minutes
Body Flow is a combined workout of Yoga + Tai Chi + Pilates. It develops flexibility, strength and balance, and leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. Body flow yoga combines breathing and meditation exercises with a structured series of yoga poses and stretching regimen. Performed with revitalizing music, it is a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and calm.

They also have other specialized classes Yoga for Kids (ages 4-11 years old), Yoga for Golf, Yoga for Seniors and Corporate Yoga. You can read all about these classes in this LINK.

We joined the Gentle Flow Yoga Class. I felt that the room was warmer than normal room temperature. The teacher, Pearl, led us through a series of movements and poses that really stretched our bodies. We felt that it really lengthened our bodies. Since the room was warm, it was a good thing that I had my Yogitoes Mat Towel on top of my mat, because I was perspiring like crazy.

Pearl was a great teacher. She was going around the room and checking on the form of each student. I love how she explained clearly each pose during the session.

After the class, we felt that fats were burned and our bodies were lengthened. Pearl was open to answer everyone’s questions at the end of the class. She was also very accommodating and patient in answering all of these inquiries about yoga.

If you want to enroll, here are the fees:


Trial Class (one week unlimited) – P800
First month (unlimited) – P2,700 (if continued after one week trial class)

Class Pass Program:
5-classes pass (consumed within one month) – P2,500
10-classes pass (consumed within 2 months) – P4,500
20-classes pass (consumed within 4 months) – P8,000
30-classes pass (consumed within 6 months) – P10,500

Unlimited Monthly Program:
One Month – P4,000
Three Months – P11,400 (savings of 5%)
Six Months – P21,600 (savings of 5%)
One Year – P40,800 (savings of 16%)

Per Session – P600

For those living in the Quezon City Area, you can visit Flow Yoga at the following address: 2/F Royale Place, Don Antonio DriveCommonwealth, Quezon City(in front of Ever Gotesco)

For inquiries, you can call Telephone Number: (02)-5867381 or Mobile Number: 0932-5226078


  1. says

    oooh are those jade yoga mats and yogitoes towel thingys??? if you go back can you check how much they are? errr….im from the south and qc is soooooooooo far away e haha :)

  2. says

    Hi Ria! Yeah, those are Jade yoga mats. Sige, i’ll check on the price :) For the yogitoes towel, I’m actually selling also for Php 2100 each :) Just email me if you want to order ginger(at)manilareviews(dot)com. I can check pa on the colors that I have. The other colors have been bought na eh :) I imported almost all colors :)

  3. Acie Clara says


    Im visiting Manila soon and would love to practice dynamic flow yoga. Do you have any particular schedule for this class or I can just enroll to any of program listed above?


  4. says

    We also have Corporate Yoga as we understand the value of employees to each organization. We bring Yoga to your company’s doorstep. We can conduct it at your chosen venue in the office.

    We are very glad that you have enjoyed your time with us. Namaste! :)

  5. jocelyn m. galicia says

    wala ba kayo branch dito sa manila area, taga vito cruz malate manila kasi ako, gusto sana mag try mg yoga class, kasi ngayon nag boxing and muay thai ako, diba mahirap mag adjust?


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