Tip 11: Eat 5 Small Meals a Day

Evidence from Dietary and Nutrition Research Shows the Benefits of Eating 5 Small Meals Daily!

Recent scholarly studies and informal reports all show that the consumption of 5 small meals each day improves human metabolism and overall health. Persons eating several small meals daily are in a better position to manage their hunger pangs and food portions. Their systems become accustomed to satisfying their hunger and nutrition needs more frequently and with smaller portions.

It is also believed that enjoying 5 small meals prevents the body from storing as much fat as it would otherwise. Because the body burns calories as it consumes and digests them, having fewer to digest and burn at one time enables the body to make better use of the calories and have fewer left over to store. This enhances the overall metabolism of the body, the rate at which it works efficiently.

Eating frequent, small meals keeps the body’s blood sugar stable and gives the body an on-going source of energy with which to carry on its life processes—what we usually call its metabolism. Frequent small meals enable the body’s metabolism to function at a constant, healthy rate. Making use of the energy from the small, frequent meals prevents a spike in blood sugar, thus supporting a steady metabolism.

How to Boost your Metabolism

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Do you feel like you have tried everything you can in order to lose weight? Are you frustrated that every time that you step on that weighing scale to check on your weight, you do not get the results that you want? Instead of losing weight, you realize that you are stuck in a plateau that you can’t just break!

I have been stuck and have been obsessed with these diet fads, exercises, diet pill and other means before. I realized after that all it takes to lose weight is to know the right thing to do to increase your metabolism.

We will have daily tips, which are ‘little and simple’ things that you can do to increase your metabolism. When I started this blog, I really wanted to share my knowledge with the other women out there, who are as passionate as I am about health and fitness. I hope that these short tips, which I will be posting daily will help you achieve a faster metabolism. I hope that these will be new lessons learned on how to increase and boost your metabolism!

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